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Welcome to The Ostrich Underground blog.  For my first post, I thought I’d give everyone an idea of why I’m doing this and what will be featured here.

Why the movie reviews?

I love “B” movies and “Art House” films, and want to share my thoughts, reviews etc. regarding them  That’s it really.

Why the music postings?

That takes a little more explanation.

At its simplest, I love to listen to music, especially music from “Indie” or “Underground” artists (hence the name of this blog).

But, there’s more…

I’ve been doing “Music of the Day” Tweets and Facebook postings for a while now, and I’ve noticed something special about the “Indie” and “Underground” artists:  they often interact one on one with their fans.

I have had several of the artists I’ve featured “Friend” me on Facebook using their personal accounts, allowing me to see the person behind the artist, a peek into their private lives.   They have never met me, yet they allow me, and others of their fans, this kind of direct, personal access.  In today’s world of stalkers, internet scams, and the like that is a very big showing of trust on their parts.  And I appreciate that.

Even more though, I appreciate those who have interacted with me on a more personal level.  I’ve had artists chat with me directly, had them touch base and see how my day is going, have gotten get well wishes when I was sick or hospitalized, even received personalized packages when I purchase the items they sell, sometimes with handwritten thank you notes included.  These interactions I hold the most dear.

So, I’m doing this to give back. It is my small way of helping those artists who have made me feel like a part of their community.

And here’s where you, the reader, comes in.  Please, click the links, listen to the music, “like” the artist on their Facebook page, and, if you like the music – buy it.  I will never have affiliate links here.  Any link that points to something for sale will be a link directly to the artist’s store, website, or preferred distribution method.  The artist will be making the money, not me.  In short:  if you like one of the artists I feature, support them.

Thank you, and I now return you back to your regularly scheduled Blog…