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Today, it’s a music post.  And a special one at that.  Usually, I link to either a song or a music video, but today, I can link you to a live performance from Bela Takes Chase…kind of, anyway…

OK, what I’m actually linking to is a recording of a live feed for a show Bela Takes Chase did on February 13th, 2014 at The Bedford in Balham, UK.  If I’ve got the linking right, it should take you to the intro for Bela Takes Chase.  If I don’t, or your browser mucks it up, Bela Takes Chase is introduced about 1 hour, forty seven minutes into the show.

Note:  Even if the video starts correctly at 1:47:00, you will still have to watch an advertisement.  Sorry, I got no control there…

Bela Takes Chase “Live” at The Bedford

Note 2:  If you’re having problems with the link above, you can use this one, but you will have to manually jump to 1:47:00…

Bela Takes Chase “Live” at The Bedford Link 2

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