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Today, I thought it might be interesting to see and hear a before and after of an artist who has changed her musical style quite a bit…her name is Aoede…

Here’s an example of her early style.  The song is called “I Lost You Win”…

Here’s her current style.  A song called “Fairy Tale Love”…

Both are excellent songs, but I must admit to liking “Fairy Tale Love” more.  It’s from her “Skeletons of the Muse” album.  I bought “Skeletons of the Muse”, and I love it.  Every song on the album makes me feel happy and picks me up if I’m down.  I recommend it highly.

I would also highly recommend following her on Facebook and/or Twitter.  She’s a lot of fun and frequently features interesting trivia questions, links to fun and challenging games, and much, much more.  Links are below.

Artist Links:

Homepage     Facebook     Twitter     YouTube

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Source:  Artist's Facebook Page

Source: Artist’s Facebook Page