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Today, I’m featuring a multi-talented (and quite lovely) young woman who is a frequent contributor in a Facebook Group I’m a member of…

I found out quite by accident that she is a fantastic singer and songwriter, and she also has an absolutely hilarious YouTube channel…

As a singer, she’s known as “Purple Prose” and as a YouTuber, she’s known as “Terr0rByte1” – I would highly recommend both her music and her YouTube channel.

Show your support by subscribing to her YouTube channel and “liking” her on Facebook.

PS – her music is free!

Here, for your enjoyment, is my favorite song from her EP, “You Bring The Biscuits, I’ll Make The Tea” – the song is “Jupiter”…

Artist Links:

Bandcamp     Facebook     YouTube

Source:  Artist's BandCamp Page

Source: Artist’s Bandcamp Page